v.2 Coming Soon by LesPiggies
March 25th, 2018, 11:33 am
Hey, Folks!

Thank you for reading v.1 of Les Piggies!

V.2 will be coming in the next couple of months. We're REALLY hoping to get it done in time for the Toronto Comic Arts Fest but also trying to keep things low presh for our sanity. However, I guarantee it will be here this Spring/Summer.

V.2 explores the world outside Les Piggies' kitchen and reveals some very dark secrets OooooOOOooo.

We finish the entire volume before releasing it in segments on SJ cause we want people to have the option to read the entire thing by buying a copy. So, if you're super stoked about v.2, keep your eyes on us by following our socials so you know the moment it's available.

If you dig us and you want to know our process and where we're at, consider supporting us on Patreon, where I tell all my dark secrets... about story telling.

That's all for now, Sweets ;)

- Kari