Same Pages, New Colour! by LesPiggies
October 25th, 2017, 1:22 pm
Hey Folks!

For those of you who saw that last news post I made today, well... that'll be a sweet little treat just between us then.

I'm removing that and updating it with this because in order to get off that pesky "Hiatus" status and also to hopefully draw in more readers, we're going to be reposting the entire volume in colour.

The colour version will be released in chunks of 4 pages, twice a month. If you love it and you want all of it at once, you can also purchase a physical copy with all of the colour pages to have right away here:

I hope you all enjoy the colour version! Oh and don't worry, I'll keep the black and white version up so the whole story is always available to read until the entire colour version is out.

We'll work out a better system for the future volumes so we're not putting out doubles of pages like this in the future, I promise.

Fairewell for now, Sweets.

- Kari